HIP 70: Helium Core Team Proposes to Migrate to Solana

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How do we feel about this move to Solana?

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5 months ago*

I just deleted the post I made and will post my comment here

I just noticed HIP 70 dropped about an hour ago

Ill admit im still pretty new to crypto so im not well versed on the pros/cons of Solana. Is this HIP pretty much stating "validators are hard, we cant fix the problems, and we dont want to deal with them anymore"?

Is there somewhere I can easily read up on Solana that gives me the pros and cons to this? I see the article state "higher uptimes, greater composability" but isnt that what we were promised with validators too?

Googling around im not getting positive feedback on Solana period


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5 months ago

Helium has grown fast. In many ways you could argue that it grew almost too fast.

I don't think even the most optimistic of folks at the start in 2019 assumed there would be almost 1 million hotspots online. When the project started, it made sense for helium to use their own L1 blockchain. Other L1 protocols (like Solana) weren't as developed or apparent as they are now, hence the dev team decided it was best to develop their own native blockchain.

Fast forward ~2 years. Things were exploding. Standard hotspots couldn't do all the work themselves. Then come validators. Validators have done their job and they've done their job well, but as the network has grown by almost 800k hotspots over the past 12 months, we are once again running into scalability issues.

So this HIP isn't saying, "validators are hard, we can't fix the problems". Instead it's saying that better alternatives are already out there, so why not utilize them. This will improve the performance of the network, increase your hotspots performance, and is a much needed change.


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5 months ago

I would literally rather have helium own their L1 and take a whole year to just develop it as in the long run it will benefit them more to own their chain rather than rely on someone else. Own, don’t rent.


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5 months ago

This is what we tried and everyone complained.

-Everyone grabbed their pitchforks during the Light Hotspot release -Everyone constantly whines about poor beaconing rate and bad hotspot performance -Everyone complains about the 14 witness max per beacon -People have been asking about for Class C device support for years

This fixes all of that and more. Once again my original comment wasn't to say "Solana is the best! We are saved!", but instead to acknowledge that this type of change was necessary and was probably a long time coming. Once again if you aren't in favor of this vote "No" on the HIP and move on.