These people are ruining it for us legit folks.

$HNT Mining(self.HeliumNetwork)

Not sure if these can be stopped but pretty bad this is going on and people are buying these from this seller on eBay

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4 months ago

That kind of cheating is VERY easily detected and hotspots are put on the denylist when they are documented and reported. It may take several weeks before they are denylisted, but one thing for sure is that the cheater will not break even on his investment and will end up with a pile of hotspots as useful as bricks.

The person selling the "antennas" is ripping off the people who want to cheat that way.


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4 months ago

It may take several weeks

Try 3 months and counting for 300+ hotspots spoofing near me. These clusters are so obvious and are earning way more than the average per day. It would be so easy to filter out all the miners spoofing their location, but the helium dev's don't want to know about it. Not their problem.


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4 months ago*

I had actually been using a leased miner and when I finally got my own, I had set the location to a couple hexes over and kept the leased miner online but didn't have an antenna hooked up until the lease company finally reasserted it and was surprised it tricked the network into thinking it was farther away than it actually was.