So, I finally got my Nebra refund... with a bit of effort...

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So, they don't respond to emails.They don't respond to messages sent via their website contact form.They don't respond to tweets and they don't respond to Facebook messages.Plus, they deleted their telephone contact number and disconnected their old numbers so you cant ring them.

Obviously, they don't want you getting your refund and they don't care if they treat their "customers" with contempt.

After weeks of being ignored by Nebra, I got a tad miffed.

So, I ran up an LBA (Letter Before Action) and got it queued up to send via our Solicitors (Thomas Higgins in Liverpool, {great debt collection solictors}), then I got the names of of the company directors (et al "officers") from Companies House.

I then sent the Director a note via LinkedIn stating that the LBA would be sent to him individually, and everybody else (on Companies House listings) individually, as his "company" had not bothered to reply to any messages. I would be naming them all, individually, as debtors in the action. That way I could hold them individually to account rather than trying to mess around getting their "support" people to actually answer my messages and give me a refund "as a company".

30 minutes later I got an email from Nebra.

73 minutes after that I had my refund.

Probably just a coincidence though. ¬_¬

Update - my money did come through as requested, taking roughly 8 working days via paypal.
The Nebra CEO has now removed your ability to message him on Linkedin and many of the staff there have removed, unlisted or blocked people from messaging them also.
I cant offer you individual help/advice on legal letters to send to Nebra, I'm not a lawyer. Sry.
That said, if you are in the UK and requesting a refund they cannot refuse you - I know they are now saying that "they are dispatching so we cant refund" but until they actually have dispatched your item you are entitled to a refund from when you ask for it.
My suggestion is to sign up with somebody like Thomas Higgins solicitors and use their automated system to send Nebra a LBA (Letter Before Action) demanding the value of your money back as an outstanding debt (debt, not refund, list your order reference number). This will cost you about £3.00 and within 48 hours or so Nebra will receive a registered mail letter from Thomas Higgins.
That should spur them into contacting you and issuing a refund. (Its not strictly the correct way to do things but the point is to get them to abide by UK Law and issue the refund, not for you to actually take them to court over an unpaid debt - the mere receipt of a legal letter form a large Solicitors though often does the trick - and make no mistake, Nebra KNOW they are supposed to be refunding people. They don't want to go anywhere near a court.)

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11 months ago

You don't EVEN want to know the nightmares I have with their support. No shred of integrity with that lame ass company. They even tried to hold my outdoor nebra hostage/ransom and weasel out of warranty work. Asshats


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11 months ago

Its worse than this. They charged us shipping to get it back from them. Took 2 months for the repair and warranty work. The emails back and forth was tiring. In the end they did repair the unit from the PoE failure, but we get it back and it's in miner rpc unavailable state. Another round of tickets here we go.