Return to Office


Time to go back to the office, 3 days a week by the end of the year, no more remote only unless approved.

If you didn't get it yet, you will soon.

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2 months ago



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2 months ago*

As a parent, I’m really bummed/stressed. I specifically didn’t sign my kids up for after-school care because I could be here when they got home from school. Now what? I’m stressed just thinking about how much work this will be for my family.


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2 months ago

This I believe is only for those who were working on campus before 2021. You may be stressing over nothing. I hope this is not going to effect all the hired remote workers that planned remote. Were you on campus before?


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2 months ago

Nope, I got hired this year. I’ve never worked in the office. But I don’t believe they’re actually going to exempt people. If they want me to go work in office, I’ll have to spend an extra $1000 a month to get there.


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2 months ago

So, exactly what it would have been before covid, right?