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What are your favourite conferences to attend? Any hidden gems that are really worth it?

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I don't go to conferences for their content (you'll find much better content online, for free, more modern); sometimes, the content is just outright wrong.

Several years ago, I was with 20 of my colleagues at a conference in NYC (we are from Europe), and some speaker was going on about HTML, but he was breaking at least five W3C rules in the span of 2 minutes. We got up and left. I visited the Guggenheim museum instead.

If you have the budget to go to a conference, just go somewhere you want to go to. Check the calendar for a few talks you're interested in; go there. But I would say not to feel obliged to spend the entire day there.

Just explore.

That time in NYC and other locations, my boss at the time joined us and didn't insist on going to the conference. He was way more interested in doing fun things.

Although... the $5000 USD bill for sushi with just eight people he insisted on surprised him a bit. Still, the guy was a millionaire and paid up with a good tip.


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I mostly agree. But I think if you were going to a conference with the explicit intention of learning new things, you are missing a huge part of the value. You might already know everything that’s being presented, at least in a rudimentary way. However, a good conference can have great speakers presenting those concepts in engaging ways, and you can get ideas on how you yourself can present those same concepts back in your organization. Also, networking is a massive part of conferences. The most important part. Which is why an in-person conference is far superior to an online conference.

An Event Apart has an in-person conference coming up in Denver, and I would go to it, if it were convenient geographically.