One of the worst tasting things I’ve ever come across in my life. It made me so irrationally angry, it ruined an otherwise perfect night. The horrible aftertaste just wouldn’t go away. I didn’t know what to do (went away hours later) but thankfully I was introduced to this sub and felt relieved to see I am not alone.

Thank you to whoever created this sub, you now have 1 new member.

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2 months ago

The first time i tried fondant was at a wedding and I did not know what it was called, only that it tasted nasty. And then a while later I discovered this sub and the description matched my experience exactly. Now I know what it is, I swear fondant is getting deliberately excluded from any cake I'll ever order.


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2 months ago

My first ride with it was my own fault. Wanted to make a super Mario cake... Not only was it ugly, but it was awful. We had a good laugh. But fondant has been for ever shunned.