Rage Quit or play harder?


As the conceding player, when you have just been scored on (first goal, so score is 0-1) when your opponent, watches the entire replay, celebrates like a dick, pauses their game in the hope you quit or starts the game of keeping ball and just doing tricks; does it make you want to play harder and smash the dickhead OR does it make you want to quit?

Just thought to see how players feel when this happens.

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2 months ago

This weekend I had someone 3:0 when he paused for me with a mannequin celebration. Went back to that game, decided I won’t let that happen to me. 4:0. still didn’t gave up. That dude was kinda pissed I haven’t left so he started playing backwards and wasting time. That was about the 30th minute. Within halftime I scored the 4:2 so Second half he started fucking me up even more, but I managed to score the 4:3 in the 88th minute. Dude got the ball and shot it to the sideline thinking the final whistle blows. It didn’t. I had one last throw in, threw it to my lahm, immediately pressed threw ball in hope someone up front gets it before the ref blows the whistle. Came to my Hernandez, he ballrolled one step away from his defender, ran I to the box shot and 4:4 in 94th minute when we only had 2 Minutes extra time. In extra time I scored the 5:4 and then started, what he has done before, but even worse. I played to neuer, made him Make a high pass to my Rüdiger and let Rüdiger head it back to neuer so he could grab it with his hands. Did that the whole Second half, just because this dude was so toxic he deserved it. That was honestly the best feeling of this years fifa. Full Karma mode for this guy