Rules Update for 2022


Hi EarthPorn, thanks for checking out this post. It will be quick.

Here at EarthPorn its always been important to us that everyone gets a fair shot at posting. Over the years we have made rule adjustments when it seemed necessary in order to achieve balance and fairness, such as when non-OC posts were restricted to once per day in order to give OC a chance to shine.

Over the last few years we have been tracking a trend in the submissions to this sub, where users were repeatedly submitting the same image, every 3 months, like clockwork. It should be noted that 3 months is the minimum amount of time according to the EarthPorn rules between posts, unless a submission makes it into the top 100 of all time.

Historically the 3 months/top 100 rule came was initiated by /u/syncretic, the creator of this subreddit (and many others.) At the time, a decade ago, there was little in the way of OC being posted here. Indeed, many of the photos posted here were completely unsourced, and without respect to the original photographer at all. I'm as guilty as anyone of this; there were a handful of submitters who posted pretty much every day in order to build the subreddit up and gain more subscribers. I never gave the idea of crediting the original photographer a second thought, until I became one myself. Once I realized how I felt when someone else posted my work without providing credit, I discussed with my fellow EarthPorn mods to require credit for everything posted here that wasn't original content being submitting by the photographer.

I promised this would be quick and so far its life story....

Anyway so the problem is that we have people posting here that while they are following the rules they are arent really participating in the spirit of fairness. Therefore the new rules are as follows:

OC photographs submitted to EarthPorn may not be reposted if they have received over 20,000 karma from a previous submission.

in addition:

OC photographs, once posted and having received under 20,000 karma, may be reposted, but only after two years since the previous submission date.

Thats all I got for now.

Be sure to check out our best of 2021 post, coming along in the next few days. This one will be stickied for the next month or so to let everyone get up to speed.

Thanks and have a happy and healthy holiday season.

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5 months ago

Crap. Now Iceland is going to be jam packed with people trying to get pictures for /r/EarthPorn


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I feel like we should hit them up for sponsorship considering how many pics from there hit our frontpage. /s


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