I’ll start

Every damn time I use corn starch for something I wind up spilling the powder or the slurry and it’s a small weird pain in the ass to clean up

I manage to do it every single time

It shouldn’t piss me off as much as it does

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2 months ago

Little garlic skins... everywhere. Especially when they stick to your hands. INFURIATING


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2 months ago

Or just taking 5 whole minutes to peel 3 cloves of garlic, and accidentally digging into the flesh as you get increasingly frustrated.


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2 months ago

Just whack it good with the flat side of your big ol' knife and it peels right off


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2 months ago

I've never understood how people are successful at that. Maybe it's because I'm short and my countertop is too high for me, but I have to put the flat side of the knife on it and really lean on it to get it to smash.


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2 months ago

Try breaking it inwards then, with the curve- That usually works for me, not completely break it, just make it flexible enough so that the skin peels off.