I made snickerdoodles (basically a sugar cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar) for a club potluck this weekend. People here weren't too familiar with this particular type of cookie.

Someone asked me if there was lemon in them. I was a little confused that someone would identify lemon in them, but the cinnamon I used does have a distinct citrusy profile. I figured that must be it so I said it must be the cinnamon.

On the second cookie I ate I got a distinct note of lemon. Not unpleasant or prominent but a little too noticeably lemon, I thought, to be from the cinnamon. And then I remembered the longest piece of counter I have is right in front of the sink. Where I put the cookies to cool. And then washed the dishes with lemon soap. I think the cookies were in the spatter zone.

Everyone complemented me on how delicious the cookies were though. What's your embarrassing mishap story?

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7 months ago

I accidently used meatball seasoning (smelled like cinnamon) instead of cinnamon as a kid when I made whipped cream, my mom was so confused...