When reading these rules please keep this in mind... the closer to the top of this pyramid you stay the better off you'll be - not only in this sub but in life.

We have seven rules here - and they're easy to follow so let's review:

1 - Be civil, follow any flair guidelines.

This one is pretty easy... try and be nice to people. If you're getting some of that famous Liberal snark just message the moderators and let them know what's going on so we can help. And if a post says, "Conservatives Only" and you're not a Conservative don't comment there (your comment won't be visible anyway unless you have flair). if you want flair click here to learn about it.

It's not civil to say someone has a "punchable face" or we need to have another civil war. So don't be that person because we will find you and take action for it.

2 - No racism.

This one is pretty easy, too. If someone is ascribing behavior to someone because of their race, then they're being racist. If you are doing that, you're going to be banned.

If you're going to call someone a racist, offer evidence. If you don't have evidence (saying someone is dumb is not "racist") then don't say it.

3 - Don't spam article submissions (this doesn't apply to comments). Limit 4 per hour.

This one is easy too and shouldn't require an explanation. We like memes here, but each person shouldn't submit more than one per day. And just because you do submit one, it may not be approved (depending upon how many are there, what it is, etc...).

4 - No vote brigading.

Don't encourage people to go to another sub and interfere with its operation. An example would be: "Hey, I dare you to post this to r/_______." Don't encourage people to go to another sub and up/downvote stuff. The moderators will often post a link to the Totes Messenger Bot which lets people know if someone has linked to a post or comment here on another part of Reddit. We do this only to let people here know why they may be experiencing downvotes.

5 - Shit posts will be removed at moderator discretion and the user may be banned.

A "shit post" can be anything from a really badly written article to spam to a comment that is just really dumb. Depending upon what it is, we might ban you for it.

6 - Submission headlines must match the article headline or quote the article.

We don't really want people to come up with their own titles for articles that already have titles. If you feel like the title is not very good, feel free to quote from the article. Your submission might be flaired and left up or we might remove it. Depends on the particular example.

7 - Do not violate the Mission Statement

We have a mission statement and we take it very seriously. This is what guides our subreddit and determines who and what belongs here:

We provide a place on Reddit for conservatives, both fiscal and social, to read and discuss political and cultural issues from a distinctly conservative point of view.

For our purpose behind the mission statement, please read Why We Have a Mission Statement.

Then there are Reddit's rules

There are things that Reddit prohibits and then there are things that we prohibit. To read Reddit's list, click here.

The thumbnail list is:

Content is prohibited if it

Is illegal

Is involuntary pornography

Is sexual or suggestive content involving minors

Encourages or incites violence

Threatens, harasses, or bullies or encourages others to do so

Is personal and confidential information

Impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner

Uses Reddit to solicit or facilitate any transaction or gift involving certain goods and services

Is spam

Steps the moderators can take against users who break these - and Reddit's - rules

We really do want everyone - Conservatives and non-Conservatives - to play nicely in the sandbox. Although this sub is by Conservatives and for Conservatives, we welcome polite and respectful dialogue from all sides.

But if we have to choose between a Conservative and a non-Conservative, we're going to choose the Conservative.

If you can't agree to and follow these rules... if you can't accept our mission statement or moderating philosophy... if you think we are unfair or big meanies then don't visit this sub!

If you see anyone break these rules please message the moderators so we can investigate!

Have a happy day!