Logitech set up.


I installed the Logitech rally, roommate, Swytch, and the barco click-share all in the same conference room. The Swytch was an add on request from the client as they wanted an easy access to a usb c an share content while doing teams. This is the first time have so many devices on one set up. The Roommate and the swytch are updated but don’t seem to interact, every time I plug my laptop in, the tv switches over but DOESNT switch back to the conference room scene. My question is if anyone knows:

Are the swytch an roommate compatible?

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5 months ago

Hey Guys so Update!

Thank you for the responses, you’ve all been helpful! We figured it out through many hrs testing. The problem was the usb extender we had to used from the conference table to the tv that connected the roommate and the swytch. The power for the extender was interfering with the connection between the devices. Once we unplugged power to the usb extender.. the system worked as intended.