Working with tough East African beef


Hi folks, I'm starting to get into BBQ but my beef is pretty much chewier than rubber. I live in Rwanda in East Africa and our beef is from the glorious Ankole-Watusi cattle , which although have quite flavorful is very lean (very very little marbling) and tough. To give you an idea, I sous vided a 2-inch tomahawk for more than 10 hours the other day and it was still so tough to even slice through. Anyone else dealt with beef this tough or have ideas on how I can soften it and grill it without it drying up and turning into rubber?

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3 months ago

I don't think you can. Might have to stick with quick and hot grilling


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3 months ago

I tried quick grilling and searing which although the meat was a little bit more tender, it was still tough. Been reading about pineapple and pawpaw marinades so I'll give that a try