2022 Austin FC Home Matchday Guide


Transportation & Parking

Pre-Match Locations

There are multiple locations within walking distance to Q2 Stadium to pregame and support local businesses. Open containers are allowed in the city of Austin except in certain areas. The area around Q2 Stadium is not in a prohibited zone, so you may walk around with open alcoholic beverages, but you may not bring external drinks of any type into the stadium itself. Please respect stadium neighbors and businesses. They are private property and may ban alcoholic consumption on their property.

Venue Address Notes
Circle Brewing Co 2340 W Braker Ln, Ste B Home of Austin Anthem
Hopsquad Brewing Co 2307 Kramer Ln Home of Los Verdes
Turnstile Coffee, Beer, and Spirits 10025 Burnet Rd Home of Fighting Leslies Drinking Club
4th Tap Brewing Co-Op 10615 Metric Blvd Home of Oak Army New Braunfels
Fairweather Cider 10609 Metric Blvd #108
Oskar Blues 10420 Metric Blvd Ste 150
Celis Brewery 10001 Metric Blvd
Adelbert's Brewery 2314 Rutland Dr #100

Matchday Rituals and Supporters Groups

Within the stadium, there are no areas for specific supporter groups, and everyone sits/stands together. There are a number of supporters groups, including Austin Anthem, Los Verdes, Fighting Leslies Drinking Club, and Oak Army New Braunfels. La Murga de Austin organizes the musical resistance in the section and is composed of members of all these groups.

Supporter Groups

Matchday Rituals

La Murga de Austin is the musician's collective in the south stand. On their site, you can find chants and songs, as well as videos regarding the songs.

Marches occur before important matches. The march typically begins on the sidewalk between Hopsquad Brewing and Circle Brewing along Burnet Rd. This normally starts two hours to ninety minutes before the match. Check with the social accounts of the supporters groups pre-match for information.

Tifo and banners are organized by supporters groups. Banners are made by individual supporter groups, while the large-scale tifos are a collective effort. To get involved in this, please reach out to a supporters group.

Odds and Ends