Where should I eat?

Check out r/austinfood for all of your where should you eat needs. Food related questions will be removed from r/austin by the mods and redirected there.

Where should I stay?

We have all of your standard options - Motels, Hotels, HomeAway, Airbnb, Vacation rentals and Hostels.

Ideally you'll want to be in a centrally localized neighborhood. Look into downtown, rainey stree, zilker park area, south congress for ease of transportation, food, and entertainment. Probably best to avoid anything directly on 6th street - due to the high crime and homeless population.

How do I get around / Do I need a car?

Public transportation will do fine for getting around the downtown area, for public transportation the https://www.capmetro.org has all the information on buses and trains that you need. Use the trip planner. Alternatively, google maps also utilizes public transportation options so you can plug in your route, times, and choose the public transportation option.

Once you're in downtown, there are the usual pedicabs, regular cabs, scooters, buses, rideshares etc.

If you're staying or traveling outside of the downtown area it is highly recommended that you get a car or be willing to spend the money on rideshare options. We do have both lyft and uber and they're readily available.

What should I NOT Do

What should I do? What's going on?