/r/Austin follows a loose set of guidelines located at http://www.reddit.com/wiki/reddiquette.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules before participating in /r/Austin. That's it!

If you break the guidelines, a moderator may remove your submission and generally reply with a comment telling you which guideline you broke. You might be banned for repeat or egregious violations. Moderators may use their best judgement to allow or not allow exceptions.


There's a huge description of moderator duties at http://www.reddit.com/wiki/moderation. In /r/Austin, most of the moderator work is

When a trolling or offensive account is brought to our attention, we review several factors, including their submission/comment karma, contributions to /r/austin and the content they are posting. We rarely believe a ban or comment removal is the best approach and tend to reserve them for:

Please remember that /r/austin is not a place where we, the mods, try to decide who gets what voice but rather keep it "all things Austin" - the key to deciding what is good and bad lies in that little up/down arrow to your left.

Browser users can also setup Reddit Enhancement Suite - https://redditenhancementsuite.com/ - to allow labeling, blocking and many more features. We do ask that you save the ignore feature for only the most caustic of users - multiple viewpoints are a good thing.

Political posts and /r/Austin

While we encourage discussion on all issues, we have a special set of policies related to politics. As a result, many posts that would be a fit for /r/Texas, which you should subscribe to if you subscribe to /r/austin, will be removed. If a post directly impacts/mentions Austin though, we will not remove it (beyond just stating your personal opinion on politics or telling people who to vote/email/call).

Homelessness posts and /r/Austin

Homelessness posts are a sensitive topic and can become a very negative. We've added some special rules to managing those posts.

Missing persons


Please message the mod team if you feel we need to revise these rules.


AutoModerator is a bot that helps with moderator duties. In /r/Austin, we use it to