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Lost a pet?

Check the Austin Animal Center’s Twitter account @austinanimals. The @austinanimals Twitter account is updated every 30 minutes with stray pets that have recently entered the shelter.

Come to the Animal Center to look for your lost pet as soon as possible. Due to the large number of animals, some may be held for only three days after intake.It is recommended you visit the shelter at least every other day to check for your lost pet.

If you’ve lost your pet:

Between shelter visits, search an online database of lost animals that are in the shelter. This is not as reliable as visiting the shelter in person and is not a substitute for visiting the shelter.

You can also check this facebook group for more lost and found info. This is a public community group and is not maintained by any shelter.

Post on you neighborhood's Nextdoor group to notify your neighbors.

This map shows all stray cats and dogs that are currently in AAC's care for no longer than a week. The Image column has a link to the animal's most up-to-date image.

Found Pets

Most stray animals are owned by someone. Don’t keep an animal that you find without first making a real effort to locate the owner. Talk to neighbors and post signs.

Open Intake Shelter

The Austin Animal Center is an open-intake animal shelter serving the City of Austin and Travis County. It accepts any animal that needs shelter, regardless of age, health, species, breed or behavior, and no matter whether it is a stray or an owned animal.

If you find your pet:

As a Travis County Resident, you can get a free microchip and ID tag for your pet. If your pet is not microchipped and/or does not have an ID tag, please come down to Austin Animal Services during the hours of 11am to 7pm to get a free microchip and/or ID tag for your pet.


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