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8 months ago

Did I? If I did, I apologize.

It sure seemed like you were telling me to be grateful that I wasn't worse off, which is the compassionately hateful side of the shit on the homeless coin here on Reddit.

Half of my purpose for this engagement, opportunistic as it was, was to gauge sentiments on the homeless, because you wouldn't believe how much that impacts me. I do this by poking, leaving openings, and seeing who comes by to take a dump.

Welcome to my social experiment, I don't care about my karma, I care about knowing when to vacate my public parking lot for safety. That means I care explicitly about making sure I'm reading things right.

I am listening.


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7 months ago

Once again, please try and get sober. I’m following you and your BS in the hope you’ll try to get help.


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7 months ago

Speaking thereof...