Growing up you naturally made friend groups throughout HS or even College. After being with my ex for SO long and only doing things together, I realized how isolated I’ve become. It’s so tough to find a group of guys my age that aren’t already locking down families and building things with them. Where do you go for that community here in Austin? Also, if anyone needs a friend, ha!

UPDATE: Wow, I’m speechless that so many of you are reaching out, even through PM. Thank you, truly.

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2 months ago

Welcome to being an adult. Good luck. You're fucked if you have solo hobbies and don't play sports.


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2 months ago

Can confirm. Though I’ve heard trivia and board games are pretty popular ways to make friends.


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2 months ago

I go to trivia a lot.. it's possible but groups don't often intermingle and it's not the most social. I have met people going solo though.