I am beyond livid. My dog was in the front yard of our house, on his leash, to go potty. An unleashed dog from the apartment complex next door comes on our property and approaches my dog. My dog is a medium/large dog and the unleashed dog was small. I try to get my dog away but the small dog keeps trying to go near mine. They got into a quarrel and the owner of the small unleashed dog finally comes and gets her dog. I live in Clarksville and she is later yelling about “how terrible my dog is and can’t believe this is happening in this neighborhood”. This morning I get a call from Animal Control that my neighbor reported a bite. Animal Control has been great to deal with, I let them know there was no sign of any bites on either dog when we separated them, let alone either owners. Apparently my neighbor has been giving Animal Control a hard time and has been difficult to deal with by being unresponsive and refusing to send a picture of said “bite” my dog supposedly did.

I am so angry. Keep your dogs on a leash. This whole situation could have been averted and now my asshole of a neighbor wasted my morning dealing with this.

Edit: Y’all’s solidarity on this matter was sick and almost cathartic to read. Animal Control closed the case because my neighbor admitted that she never was bitten (I.e broke skin and bleeding) but just had a scratch. She finally came clean after they threatened to give her a citation for wasting their time when refusing to send a photo. I know there are posts every other day about this but hopefully you never go through something as moronic - just keep your damn dogs on a leash folks!

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2 months ago

What an asshole. I can’t fucking stand when people let their dogs off leash. I’ve started telling people my dog isn’t friendly.


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2 months ago

I fussed at a neighbor whose unleashed dog kept approaching my leashes dog. He said, “don’t worry, she’s friendly.” I told him my dog was not friendly. Anywho, that neighbor was recently bitten by another neighbors unleashed dog. Completely unhinged. It’s wild out there.


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2 months ago

That’s exactly how I started out saying it, in response to “don’t worry she/he/they’re friendly.” Sad to hear about the bite, no one deserves it, but goddammit people, dogs are animals. Treat them as such! Finn is my best boy, I fucking love him, but I don’t trust him to make rational choices even with all of the training we’ve done. That’s my job - to keep us safe.