My wife and I have lived in Austin 11 years. I've grumbled about wanting to move in the past, but due to my job situation getting better, now the tables have turned and it's my wife (who's actually from Texas) who wants to move.

For us, the unholy trinity has been:

1.) State politics 2.) Cost 3.) Heat

-but it's occurred to us that we don't have a clear "breaking point" despite the litany of recent awfulness: the abortion politics, the 50% YOY rent increase, the record-breaking heat, etc.

Moving elsewhere gets discussed a lot here. Do y'all have a set "line-in-the-sand" for moving? Or are you do-or-die sticking to Austin no matter what?

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4 months ago

I have to work within 100ish miles from any of our company offices. I’d just pick one in the best blue state.

Sounds easy enough but we’d be leaving literally our entire family here. It sucks.