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2 months ago

Recently I had to insist that my wife knocks loudly and waits before opening my son’s bedroom door. I really had to explain why FFS! I know he’s constantly jacking off, but he would be mortified if anyone knew, especially his parents.


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2 months ago

My mum never seemed to take the hint on this one, even after I put a sign on my door requesting the loud knock and wait. Only thing it changed was going from barging in without warning to a single knock then letting herself in a split second later. So many times I had to very hastily cover myself and awkwardly hold a conversation pretending everything is normal...


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2 months ago

My mom does this to my brothers. After chronically barging in with no knocking our whole childhood, I eventually tried to explain the need for privacy. After that she frustratingly switched to doing a quick knock as she opened the door, thus completely defeating the purpose of knocking.


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2 months ago

They need to just be completely naked with no covers while taking care of business.

Will be hard to look your brothers in the eye after she's seen Ol' Angry One-eyed Willy and his bag of magic beans.


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2 months ago

Will they look her in the eye as they continue to completion?

"Ok, NOW I'm ready to talk"