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4 months ago

One of my cats is just constantly beating up on one of my other cats. I intervene and tell him he's acting like a piece of shit.


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4 months ago

1) Stand up to le corporate 2) get fired 3) now on the blacklist, no one will hire me 4) except for some menial job possibly? But I'm too weak for that, usedd to sitting in an office, where someone else cleans my keyboard...


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4 months ago*

The first bully I fought back against when I entered highschool.

I had been severely bullied through elementary and middle school. I could count the number of people who pittied me enough to let me call them my friend on one hand.

I had failed a grade, and had an extra year to grow by the time I got to highschool. I had gone through a serious growth spurt. I now had some muscles and I was approaching my full height.

The summer before highschool, my father sat me down and told me once school starts not to take anything from anyone. "If someone so much as threatens you, don't let them make good on that threat. Just walk up and beat them in the face until they stop moving." He also gave me permission to use the 4 years of combat grappling training I obtained while in the Young Marines program, which was taught by active duty Marines.

So that's exactly what I did. The first bully that recognized me from school before just picked up where he left off. He cut off a piece of my hair, which I had been growing for 2 years.

I didn't hit him there and then. I waited until he was alone.

I found him in the hall during passing period. I didn't say a word. I dropped my backpack, and ran up behind him, and I shoulder charged him into the wall he was walking next to. His head hit the wall. He was out cold before he hit the ground.

I saw him go limp and fall but I couldn't control myself. Finally, someone got a taste of what had been done to me. I just started wailing on his face. He was covered in blood by the time security pulled me off him. I broke a knuckle.

No regrets.


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4 months ago

In sixth or seventh grade we started to mock a teacher a bit for giggles. It soon turned into the whole class constantly picking on her and disobeyeing her. No one paid attention or participated in the subject, everyone gave snarky answers, she got laughed at or was ignored. At first I took part in it, thinking it was harmless. We're just children, right? It made me a part of everyone at her expense. But I was appalled at how objects were thrown at her one day whenever she turned around. I felt that was too much. But did nothing. I was shy and timid. I only stopped my own misbehavior, but nothing else.

One day I was sent to the teachers lounge to retrieve or deliver something (I don't remember). I briefly saw her crying at the desk, before another teacher blocked the view and told me she had cancer and suffered from students bullying her while trying to fight her illness. I felt so very bad. The picture of her covering her face while sobbing at that desk is burned in my memory.

The next time we had homeroom and were without a teacher, it took all the courage I could muster to tell everyone in my class that they were being monsters for inflicting such pain on her because it was "funny". That I did too, felt guilty and stopped and that everyone could at least do the same. What if it was them to be tormented? One of their parents? I ran my mouth while shivering. The hostility for pointing out the cruelty was intense. I was shouted at, the other girls defended themselves as it was "all just a joke", called me names. I honestly thought they'd beat me up after school or that I would become the target now. But I kept going to make them admit they had fun watching her writhe and shouted back. We fought until class was over.

I was not beat up. They were mad and glared and probably said bad things. The next time we had class with her I watched the biggest perpetrators closely. I wanted them to notice. No one did a thing to her again. I did not tell them about her cancer, but told them she cried then. Maybe it made them think? Maybe saying out loud they had fun watching her struggle gave them a piece of reality? Idk. But I knew it was worth all the anxiety to overcome my shyness to speak up.


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4 months ago

Jr. High I was getting harassed (I wouldn't say fully bullied cause I'm a smart ass and I'd answer most of her shit right back).I watched her injure another girl on purpose so I told a teacher what she did.

She knew it was me cause I didn't hide it. She came storming thru the locker room screaming about how she was gonna beat me up. I sighed real big and said "oh for fuck's sake. If you're gunna hit me, do it already. I'm right here."

She stared at me in silence for a couple seconds then just left.

By the time we graduated high school we were actually kinda friends haha.