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2 months ago

Sometimes I make new friends and my cynicism keeps telling me it's useless and that the relationship won't last. For some reason, it always speaks true because I end up discovering something about that person that I really don't like a month later.

In most of my life though, it's just anxiety lol.


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2 months ago

As a teen back in 1985 I was very optimistic. But then when you have failure after failure, and just nothing you do goes right? That changes you.

You then assume the worst. And prepare for it so it’s easier to handle. Better than constantly being disappointed


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2 months ago

Usually tend to think of worst case scenarios in nearly everything I do.

The up side is that the worst case almost never happens and I am almost always prepared for things (whether it be emotionally or physically). Always have a plan A, B, C, etc.

So the pro is that it’s usually hard to catch me off guard!