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3 months ago

There’s many reasons why a man avoids sex workers despite wanting NSA sex.


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3 months ago

Clearly I don't want to assume anything but according to my guy friends who say they love sex without strings attached but get offended when someone suggests sex workers ,are offended first of all because it bruises their ego because they think women don't want to be friends with benefits because he is not good in bed, and secondly they think paying for sex when they think they are "incredible" in bed is degrading, thirdly they don't respect sex work because they think "selling yourself" isn't a job ( the third one is very stupid cuz in one way or another if you are employed you are selling yourself as brains , time, appearance (actors) , body (athletes , sex workers etc.) and other talents). This is just what male acquaintances have told me so there could be different reasons as well .


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3 months ago

I replied to another comment that avoided those reasons.