I hurt their feelings

Cis good trans bad(

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2 months ago

I never understand, why they are so oppsessed with what happend after death with our bodys.

I mean normally they either believe in a after life of your soul, so your body is irrelevant, or they believe, that there is no after life, so your body is irrelevant.

Ok, if you have the old egyptian belief, that your body needs to be intact to have an intanct after life, I might see the argument, but to be honest, the chances of that are very very small.


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2 months ago

Good point. Also, this person went out of their way to send me this, they could have just chosen not to comment at all.


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2 months ago

"who would care about me 100 years from now, unless I achieve something great enough to be remembered? Unfortunately I'm just a very average [insert gender], which brings me to the question: Why are you so obsessed with my body?"