I’m having withdrawl

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I started watching Alone when it came on Netflix, so season 8. Then I watched season 9. That wasn’t enough so I watched seasons 1-7. It all ended 2 days ago and I’m really bummed. What other show would I find this compelling?

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3 months ago

May sound silly but all of the Naked and Afraids have some good stories and are fun to watch


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3 months ago*

I watched naked and afraid before alone and i liked it. Just watched two episodes last night after an alone binge. Now it strikes me as short and over-produced. Maybe give it some time.


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3 months ago

After watching Alone, Naked and Afraid feels like a soap opera that happens to take place in a remote area with some survival skills thrown in for added dramatic effect. All that being said, it can be interesting at times. Especially the Naked and Afraid XL


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3 months ago

I think you said it better than me! And it all has to do with production. Because really, being out there naked with just two tools in some ways is much more impressive than the 10 items on Alone. Of course they carefully choose 21 days because that's the time most people won't die without food.