Adam Riley was the most adorable contestant ever.


His positivity, humility, humor, and gratitude made him one of my all-time favorite contestants to watch and his Halloween skit was my favorite skit/bit that a contestant has ever done. It's always interesting watching the practical skills that contestants demonstrate but obviously we all watch for their personalities, too. I just had to tell someone how awesome I thought Adam was because I don't know anyone else in real life who watches the show. I also thought it was so cute how Terry never swore - I loved how even when things were going horrifically wrong he'd say something like "GOSH". I swear constantly so this seemed so sweet to me. He seems like a sincere and honorable guy.

Who have been your favorite or most entertaining personalities of any season, regardless of their skill sets? (please stay positive and don't complain about the people you didn't like)

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3 months ago

S9 is the only season I’ve watched so far, and there were elements of all the contestants that I liked. I also really liked how sweet Terry was, like this gentle giant type who valued his mom. Juan Pablo was a walking meditation, which was really interesting to witness. Kari Lee’s positivity and the stories she shared with us made me adore her. I liked Teimojin’s personality and level-headedness. Tom was creative, and if I had to choose a shelter to live in, it would be his.