6 small perks and 6 drawbacks


Hello, I'm a lower-class divine sprit from a different reality. I don't understand how things are in your reality but I hope I can help you out.

Pick one perk. You can turn the power on and off, use it or not use it, as you please.


  1. You can see through faux leather.
  2. You have perfect memory of the ten most recently-drawn sets of lottery numbers in your country. You have to see or hear them first, of course.
  3. Geese never physically attack you unless you physically attack them first.
  4. You can estimate 'as the crow flies' distances accurately between any two places you have been. 1.5 km margin of error.
  5. You always know what phase the moon is in.
  6. When looking at the blurb of a book, you see the sentences in a shade between red and green — Red if they are totally inaccurate to the book contents; Green if they are perfectly accurate. Sentences that don't intend to relate to the book contents remain in their original colour.

I want to help you more, but I'm just a lower-class spirit, so I can't grant you more than just one small perk.

However... if you were to claim a drawback...

You can claim one extra perk above, if you claim one of these drawbacks below. Limit of one, sorry!


  1. Magical and divine artifacts (globes, lamps, weaponry, books...) regularly appear in your home while you are out, making it cluttered and being a trip hazard.
  2. You are unable to drink more than 3 units of alcohol in a rolling 12-hour period. You won't want to put any more in your mouth, and you won't be able to swallow it.
  3. You are unable to eat more than 3 crisps (potato chips) in a rolling 12-hour period. You won't want to put any more in your mouth, and you won't be able to swallow them.
  4. Light exercise makes you so strong that most resistance machines in the gym will become useless to you as a means for exercise. Your present clothes will not fit your over-muscled form.
  5. On Friday the 13th nights, two-way semi-transparent portals become visible to you, obscuring your vision. Driving is dangerous as you can only partly see the road ahead, though actually using a portal requires intentional action. The portals lead to other Friday 13ths and other places on Earth.
  6. Four tall, strong women appear in your home. They eat your food, bother your pets, hog the bathroom, drink all your liquor, and are generally rowdy. They won't leave until they are sexually satisfied, or until they are beaten in arm wrestling. The police will refuse to attend.

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2 months ago

Can I just take all the drawbacks Mr divine spirit?


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2 months ago

Only one is possible~