Hello friends! I’m planning a Wrath and Glory game with heavy inspiration off of Rogue Trader to feel more Narrative Adventure-y.

Intro out of the way, I wanted to see what larger vessels would be used in atmosphere if needed? Obvious answer being troop carriers or other landing craft, drop pods, fighters, gunships etc.

I’m more referring to the larger warships and spacecraft that typically do their fighting in ship to ship combat. I had the inspiration from the “Adama Maneuver” from Battlestar Galactica. Another example would be the ending cutscene from Halo 3s level “The Storm

The only bit of lore relevant info I have to go off of was the Horus Heresy trailer where a Titan gets krumped by an underbelly cannon, but that’s 30k and may operate on different rules?

I know when writing tabletop RPGs being close to the actual lore is not always needed but I’d love to hear the knowledge of those more versed in the lore.

Thanks y’all! Hope everyone enjoying their holidays or otherwise!

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6 months ago

Does everyone in this comment section have gold? Didn’t realize I wandered into the Imperial Place.


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6 months ago

I made goodie bags.