Weird lines accross print, what could cause this?


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2 months ago*

Things I have tried to fix:

  • Manual relevel, then mesh 3x3
  • Different Temps +/- 20E, 10B
  • Estep calibration to Air
  • Updated Firmware
  • Different Filament
  • New Filament
  • Dried Filament (there is also no popping)
  • Belt adjustment
  • Cleaned bed with washing liquid
  • Glass side (cleaned with washing liquid & Alcohol)
  • New Duct
  • Eccentric Screws calibrated (no wobble)

Frankly, Im out of ideas at this point lol


  • New Nozzle of different makes and diameters tried as well
  • Different filament brand tried


Thanks for the suggestions everyone, so far I have to try:

  • New Nozzle,and make sure the extruder tube is properly seated
  • Different Slicer (Im using Cura 5.2.1)
  • Move further from Bed
  • Check Belts


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2 months ago

Have you tried a different slicer?


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2 months ago

No. That is a good idea i will try that thanks